Robotics or Motion Control? 10 Questions to Help Decide

Before deciding to install a robot or go with motion control components for your application, these are ten questions to ask yourself.

Though the lines can often be blurred, robotics and motion control are not the same thing. They are closely related in many ways, but robots lean towards more “pre-engineered” solutions while motion control leans towards more modular solutions. This small but significant distinction poses a number of aspects for decision makers to consider when choosing the solution that is best for their process. Think about your answers to the following 10 questions and use them as indicators for your decision.

These questions are the building blocks for choosing between robotics and motion control. Use them when designing for your project and keep in mind that the answers are all relative and dependent upon your application.

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Corey Foster is an Application Engineering Manager at Valin Corporation, a leading technical solutions provider for the technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources and transportation industries. Valin offers personalized order management, on-site field support, comprehensive training and applied expert engineering services utilizing automation, fluid management, precision measurement, process heating, filtration and fluid power products. For more information, please visit

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