Mencom Case Study: El Pomar

April 8, 2020
Mencom Corporation helped El Pomar, a dairy company, achieve electrical safety while reducing downtime.

About El Pomar

El Pomar is a Colombian dairy company founded in 1953. They wanted to improve electrical safety at the factory.

The Goal

In order to achieve electrical safety, they were looking for solutions that could provide employees with a safer working environment and better protect electrical equipment at the production site while reducing the risk of downtime.

The Challenges

The most critical components in their equipment are the milk sterilizer, the enzyme dosing system, and powdered milk packaging machines. Unfortunately, they were all built with different installations and wiring by different manufacturers. They also operate independently in three different low-quality electrical cabinets. While the machines can be operated safely by employees without an electrical license, these complex connections from different applications should be streamlined.

The Solution

CGS Optimize (, a Mencom distributor in Colombia, suggested building one high-quality electrical cabinet to operate all machines in, instead of the three current cabinets. The key components of this cabinet, which were integrated to achieve the goal, were Mencom’s Low-profile Panel Interface Connectors and USB Port Adapters.

The Outcome

Mencom Panel Interface connectors and USB Port adapters allowed the PLC to operate without opening the cabinet while protecting the operators and securing the connection. As a result, the solutions performed by CGS Optimize could significantly reduce the risks of electrical accidents and help save PLC programming time. All these solutions were achieved without interfering with the factory production and El Pomar could successfully centralize the equipment operation into the one cabinet for the first time, standardizing all programming and operating routines.