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April 26, 2022
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The M-AH automatic straightening machine is an in-line unit designed with a reader to scan workpiece data and compare it to straightening values stored in a centralized database. The TRILOS laser-measures runout errors on gears, and the RIVLEX automatic reset system increases the efficiency for small series.

In-Line Straightening for Gear Shafts

Oct. 28, 2013
Scans workpiece, CPU processes data Non-contact process measurement Robotic loading/unloading

The MAE — Maschinen- und Apparatebau Götzen GmbH — M-AH automatic straightening machine is designed specifically for integration in production processes. A DMC reader scans the workpiece data and passes it together with the straightening values back to a central computer. The TRILOS laser system measures runout errors on gears during the non-contact process.

A robotic system provides for efficient loading and unloading. The sequence of motions of the system allows for automatic workpiece palletization.

With RIVLEX, MAE offers an automatic resetting system that is designed to increase the efficiency of production for small series runs.

The TRILOS laser measuring system and its runout measurement software are integrated in the M-AH control. While the shaft is rotating, runout errors are precisely measured in the gear teeth, with high resolution and frequency. The advantage compared to conventional measurement with more expensive master gears is that the system measures wear-free.

A further advantage is that the system can be used for all tooth angles of running gears as well as for splines.

The RIVLEX system is used in M-AH straightening machine for automatic resetting from one batch to the next, with large differences in workpiece lengths. RIVLEX axially positions and clamps workpiece supports, measuring devices and anvils. Components that are not needed are automatically “parked out.”

MAE specializes in straightening machines and wheelset presses, building standard machines and designing customized operations for straightening diverse workpieces in the automotive industry, tool manufacturing, and other industries.