Siemens Helps Detroit Train Automotive Workers

The company will provide $55.8 million in-kind software grant to Mott Community College.

At the 2014 Automotive Summit at the Manufacturing in America Symposium held in Detroit, Siemens announced today that it was providing $55.8 million in-kind software grant to Mott Community College.

Given the fact that 80% of automakers use Siemen’s product lifecycle management (PLM) software, knowing this system would benefit future employees who are studying at the college.  

“The manufacturing industry in America is on the rise and it is being transformed by a software revolution that is enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency and speeding time to market,” said Chuck Grindstaff, CEO, Siemens PLM Software. “This revolution requires a highly trained workforce. With this grant, Mott Community College will be able to integrate world-class PLM technology into its curriculum, so that its students are even better prepared for co-op assignments and for high quality manufacturing jobs.”

Siemens’ technology partnership with Mott community college goes back more than 15 years with students using a variety of the company’s programs.  With today’s announcement, Siemens’ Teamcenter software will now be used in Mott Community College’s Technology Division to help expand and modernize its curriculum in design and process technologies.

This curriculum is part of Mott’s Certificates and Associate Degrees in Design, Manufacturing and Service Industry specialties as well as Computer and Information Technology courses and degree programs.

“We are excited about the new capacity this brings to the region and the opportunity to further expand our work in design, PLM and digital manufacturing,” said Mott Community College president Dr. M. Richard Shaink. “We see this technology as a critical element of the innovation enterprise that will lead to the development of new and better products and ultimately to new and better jobs for the greater southeast Michigan region.”

This is the latest in a series of investments – totaling more than two billion dollars – Siemens has made in recent years in nearly 30 Michigan community colleges and universities.

 “Manufacturing is delivering a new era of proficiency, where virtual-to-real will drive innovation and customized mass production, and link the entire product lifecycle, from design, to engineering and finally to the customer,” said Helmuth Ludwig, CEO, Siemens Industry, U.S. “Collectively, we must foster a culture of innovation, nurture institutions that enable technology and innovation and strengthen education and training. This partnership can serve as an economic catalyst for the region when it comes to the manufacturing sector.”

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