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Meet Yanu: The AI-Powered Robot Bartender

A new type of bartending robot aims to solve the bottlenecks of serving drinks by being faster, cheaper, and more reliable than average workers.

Robolab, a leading service robotics company, has introduced its new, AI-powered robotic bartender, Yanu.


Yanu is the first portable, fully autonomous bartending unit that utilizes unique AI-technology to make the process of serving drinks more efficient and precise. The futuristic robotic bartender takes orders, processes payment, and mixes and serves cocktails – all without human input. It also taps chatbot technology, allowing the unit to communicate with clientele, remember a customer’s previous drink order, and even offer local sightseeing tips.

Rising labor costs, high staff turnover, and lack of sufficient training are just some of the issues facing hospitality and entertainment sectors today. Yanu helps solve these bottlenecks by increasing productivity, removing human error and improving overall quality of service. It dispenses a perfect pour every time meaning increased and more efficient sales. Due to its complete automation, Yanu also reduces labor costs by serving 150-200 drinks per hour and replaces up to 4 full-time workers per unit.

“Hospitality and entertainment venues of all kinds are seeking greater profitability in their food and beverage transactions and are increasingly looking towards automation as a way to realize exponential gains,” said Alan Adojaan, CEO of Robolab. “Yanu offers a faster, cheaper, and more reliable method of serving customers, while delivering an interactive and unique experience that will help attract new clientele.”


Yanu is currently in development, with an official launch slated for the end of 2018. Yanu will initially be distributed in airports, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and entertainment venues within the EU. Yanu will also offer major beverage manufacturers opportunities to cross-promote and advertise products.

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