NED Gift Guide 2019

Nov. 20, 2019
NED Gift Guide 2019

Over the years we have focused the gift guide issue on a lot of different things—we’ve had technology-heavy years, STEM education-heavy years, and mostly practical years (like this one). But the driving force of it is to help us all avoid the trap of one-use, novelty gifts that usually get thrown away.

Our goal with these gift guides is to balance practical needs of all you handy people out there looking for equipment for work and home, with the products that are a little special—things everyone clearly wants, but that are just far enough outside direct need to warrant purchase any other time of the year.

So that is what we put together this year, broken down into four key categories: Tools, Tech, Essentials, and, well, Non-Essentials (because cool stuff is still cool).

We have a lot of personal favorites in this year’s collection — from those indestructible shoes to the nail dispensing hammer — so dig in and see what catches your eye!

Featured in this gift guide is the M18 PACKOUT Radio + Charger which we are giving away to one lucky winner. Make sure to enter the contest for your chance to win!

Here’s hoping for another great season of weird, amazing tools!