The Top Skilled Trades Opportunities in Manufacturing

Nov. 7, 2017
This slideshow looks at the top opportunities in skilled trades and where the most demand is.

It’s no secret that finding and retaining talent is one of those constant concerns that keep manufacturing executives up at night. Hiring skilled tradespeople is particularly difficult since these occupations are much in demand but not that plentiful in number, especially in certain geographies.

Aerotek, a provider of recruiting and staffing services, has identified how many of these skilled tradespeople are working in the United States and exactly where they’re working. All told, Aerotek says that nearly 1.45 million skilled tradespeople are employed within the manufacturing industry (which makes up roughly one-third of all skilled trades professions). And according to Sara Staggs, director of divisional operations for Aerotek’s Commercial Division, the demand for skilled professionals is at a 10-year high across all industries.

The following slideshow looks at the top opportunities in skilled trades, where the most demand for these people is, and where the most opportunities are.