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Eight Ways To Wellness in the Industrial Workplace

We know how hard it is to keep up your New Year's resolution was to get healthier, but there is plenty you can do even on the job. Here are some equipment and tips to keep you on the right path.

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The first week of the year, gyms are full of people intent on making this the year they become healthy. Week two, it becomes a bit easier to get time on the weight bench, and by week three, you have to talk yourself into fighting the soreness and fatigue and walking through the door. By the end of the month, you lost a few pounds and you proudly declare "Mission Accomplished!" You won the battle of the bulge and you won't have to buy the next size up in jeans after all.

The problem now is maintaining. Especially at work. Junk food is not some JV team punk. These insipid sweet and salty insurgents taste delicious and are way more prevalent in the vending machine than healthy snacks. Sometimes, probably every day, you'll let your guard down and have a Snickers and some Doritos to get you through the 11 a.m. caffeine crash. If the solution for you isn't the gym, you need to fight another way: on the clock!

We're not advocating you shirk your work responsibilities, but you certainly can turn a 10 minute break into a productive calorie busting session.

And many companies actually encourage employees to move around during the day. Sitting for six+ hours in a day increases your chances of dying from heart disease or cancer, according to a Harvard study. Even if you think your boss is some soulless global conglomerate, remember that if you died, it would still be a real pain to hire some new schmoe to push around. So take a few minutes to stretch your legs. And for legitimate calorie burning, there's a new wave of equipment to keep you productive as you stave off the inevitable cold hand of death for an extra decade or two.

We talked with with Lauren Scaduto of Wellness Corporate Solutions to find some different, doable workouts you can implement in your plant or office.

And before you click the slideshow, keep in mind what Scaduto considers the most important trick to staying healthy:

"Just move. Just do anything you can, even if its parking five minutes farther away, set your Apple watch alarm when it's time to stand up and  get drink of water. Everything counts; everything adds up and it makes a difference."

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