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MT Expo

The Coolest Expo of the Year

The 2017 M&T Show breaks the expo model to put the latest technologies, tools, and innovations in your hands.

We are disrupting the Expo.

NED is all about innovation. Ever month, we search the Earth for new tools, new technologies, new techniques, and new products designed to help manufacturers work. We live on disruption here.

So when we were pulled in to help manage the show floor at IndustryWeek Manufacturing Conference & Expo, we knew exactly what we had to do: something different.

I've been to a million expos in my career, or at least enough to recognize the one metric they use to measure success at these events: quantity. A million booths, a billion products, 14 trillion square. That's what we're supposed to be chasing, that's what attendees are supposed to be looking for. Volume, mass, quantity.

But, we thought, what if we chased quality instead? What if rather than sending visitors through a maze of aggressive sales reps, we gave them an experience that could actually make an impact?

So that's what we did.

This year's expo will feature products, booths, and demos hand-selected by the NED team to show-off cutting-edge manufacturing tools and technologies. Spanning a couple hundred booths—because quantity still counts for something—we've designed the show floor to change the passive scan-and-pass expo etiquette and get attendees involved.

We've set up hands-on activities with virtual and augmented reality, with wearables that give workers super strength; we're letting guests program collaborative robots and pilot industrial drones; we're providing a front-row seat for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It's everything we think an expo should be: interactive informative, and fun.

Also, free. I should probably mention that.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting more about each piece of this innovation puzzle. In the meantime, mark your calendars, schedule your trips, and register for your free pass.

It's going to be good.


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