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Assembling a Modern Mech Marvel

Aug. 18, 2017
It took more than a few brilliant engineers working day and night to construct Megabots' Eagle Prime. It took industry's best and brightest. Here are the individual stories of how they all came together to create a generation-defining machine.

We have been bombarding you with giant fighting robot stories for more than two years now. Selfishly, I think I’m probably doing this because I grew up watching Transformers in the '80s, wishing they'd be real someday.

And I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way. Look how many billions the Michael Bay franchise has made without putting even an ounce of soul or creativity into the five spastic movies. People will put up with the shaky cam and bathroom humor just to get a glimpse of what a real giant robot would be like.

Then two crazy smart guys, electrical engineer Matt Oehrlein and mechanical engineer Gui Cavalcanti, decided to partner up and build the real thing, calling their startup MegaBots. Not only that, they found a similar mech in Japan and challenged it a fight.

If this fight is successful, we can expect the next generation to grow up watching actual live giant robot fights on their phones and tablets, or embedded in their eyeball computer. They may even participate.

The point here (besides that a future filled with these robots will be "terrifying" as one NED reader recently told us), is that the men and women who will succeed us will have real innovations where we had dreams and fantasies. And they'll build off that instead of starting from scratch, as MegaBots had to.

Every manufacturer I spoke with for our MegaBots coverage echoes this sentiment. The future of manufacturing and STEM careers, is in fact much brighter because of one giant robot fight. That's why they decided to work with MegaBots, and why they light up when speaking about the subject.

We feel that every piece of the MegaBots project is important—every component, every partner, every achievement is a story worth telling. So we decided to give them each space to explain why MegaBots' Eagle Prime is such a mega milestone in robotics and manufacturing.

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The first step to making a giant robot is creating a digital version with Autodesk’s CAD software suite, which includes Fusion 360, Inventor, and Eagle.  

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The non-profit Florida research institute used bleeding-edge simulation software to test this fighter’s movements, stability, and control logic.

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This Wireless E-Stop, used industrially to shut off assembly lines and heavy machinery, is MegaBots’ high-tech version of throwing in the towel.

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Logic Supply

The Nuvo-5000 rugged fanless computer processes video and assists with pilot controls. Impacts won’t damage the solid-state system, nor will harsh temperatures while on the road.

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An onsite Mark Two 3D printer churned out carbon fiber brackets and other high strength parts, saving MegaBots time and money, which they can direct to more critical components.

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Parker Hannifin

There are 23 electro-hydraulic motion axes, including seven in each arm, giving Mk. III lightning quick striking ability. ParkerStore also contributed a shipping container that doubles as a hydraulic fab shop.

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Lincoln Electric

The Precision TIG 275 and Power MIG 350 welders loaned out by Lincoln-Electric ensure Eagle Prime doesn't come apart at the seams during its fight against Kuratas.

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