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Top Workplace Trends for 2015

Jan. 8, 2015
Top Workplace Trends for 2015

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology surveyed its nearly 8,000 members to reveal the top 10 workplace trends for 2015:

1. Mobile assessments: As technology continues to expand and develop, mobile assessments will be tapped for selection, performance management, and training and development decisions. It is increasingly important for organizations to understand how technology, including social media and social collaboration, is changing the science and practice of selection, recruitment, performance management, engagement and learning. Industrial-organizational psychologists will continue working to design assessments that are valid and reliable regardless of how and where they are delivered.

2. Continued use of HR analytics and big data: Industrial-organizational psychologists have long recognized the value of science and data analysis for improving business and HR decisions. With the automation of collection and storage of data, more advanced hardware and software, and larger databases, empirically based big data predictions will become increasingly fundamental to workplace decisions.

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