April 28, 2021
Hauschild Engineering has filed suit against FlackTek in the U.S.

Hauschild Engineering has filed suit against FlackTek in the U.S. over its use of the SPEEDMIXER name to prevent FlackTek from confusing consumers into purchasing machines that do not originate from Hauschild Engineering.

The original Hauschild SpeedMixer offers perfect mixing results from a few grams or milliliters up to ten kilograms or sixteen liters for laboratories mixing substances in their R&D work as well as for companies that require small-batch mixes for quality assurance.

Hauschild GmbH & Co. KG (Hauschild Engineering) is the sole manufacturer of the Hauschild SpeedMixer equipment since 1974. US-based FlackTek Inc. and its affiliates Synergy Devices Ltd. (UK), CosSearch GmbH (Switzerland), CosSearch SLU (Spain), and RohChem (The Netherlands) use to be distributors/agents of the Hauschild SpeedMixer since 1996.

In May 2020 Hauschild and FlackTek terminated their collaboration. Hauschild Engineering no longer supplies original spare parts for its equipment to FlackTek Inc., or to its affiliates, which are not authorized by Hauschild Engineering to repair and/or service its equipment.

Counterfeit products of Hauschild SpeedMixer being sold in the EU since May 2020

The Hauschild SpeedMixer trademark is registered to Hauschild Engineering in the EU and any products sold in the EU under that name that do not originate from Hauschild Engineering are counterfeit products and do not meet Hauschild Engineering’s quality standards. To the extent, products are sold in the U.S. under the SPEEDMIXER trademark by FlackTek. They may not carry Hauschild Engineering’s CE certifications, may not have been made under Hauschild Engineering’s strict quality controls or by Hauschild Engineering, and may not yield identical results to Hauschild SpeedMixer machines.

The documentation of the suit is available online and may be viewed at Hauschild GMBH & Co. KG, v. Flacktek, Inc., et al (1:20-cv-02532), Colorado District Court (

Now direct sale and support of customers by Hauschild Engineering

Hauschild Engineering is now directly supporting the customers in the territories previously covered by FlackTek Inc. and its affiliates. The headquarters of Hauschild Engineering’s U.S. distributor in the USA is now in Dallas, TX. Hauschild Engineering can guarantee the supply of original Hauschild Speedmixer equipment, original manufacturer components, as well as all disposable items such as cups and lids for existing and new Hauschild Engineering’s machines.

Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild says: “For the last fifty years at Hauschild, we have devoted a lot of resources to make the best mixing technology available to our customers. We feel the duty to clarify that there is a mix-up of “Speedmixer” in the market right now. We strongly recommend that buyers of a “Speedmixer” should carefully check where the equipment really comes from. If there is any doubt, people should feel free to directly contact our headquarters in Hamm or our distributor in Dallas.”

Documentation of the suit:,_v_Flacktek,_Inc,_et_al

Update (5/3/2021): Apparent installation of non-original and unauthorized parts in Hauschild SpeedMixer equipment previously sold by FlackTek Inc. and/or by its affiliates.

In May 2020 Hauschild and FlackTek terminated their collaboration. Since then, Hauschild Engineering no longer supplies original spare parts for any of its equipment to US-based FlackTek Inc. or to its affiliates, but only directly to users of Hauschild equipment. SpeedMixer® with unauthorized modifications and unauthorized spare parts may be identified by checking labels.

The quality of the parts designed by Hauschild Engineering is critical to ensure the high-quality standards and, equally importantly, the safety of the equipment. None of Hauschild’s current or former partners has ever been authorized to install spare parts other than those produced by Hauschild Engineering for use in Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines. Any modification to Hauschild machines made with non-original parts may not have the same quality, the same high performance or the same safety standards that users of Hauschild equipment have come to expect from Hauschild equipment.

New label on the left side of SpeedMixer

Hauschild SpeedMixer machines with unauthorized modifications may display a new, unauthorized label on the left side of the equipment. The original labels (see upper photo) are thin, they are made of plastic and they usually have text in German. The unauthorized labels (see photo below) are thicker, made of aluminum and they are only in English.

Not knowing exactly which and how many Hauschild SpeedMixer machines may have been altered, Hauschild invites its customers that have acquired one of its machines from FlackTek Inc. or from its affiliates Synergy Devices Ltd. (UK), CosSearch GmbH (Switzerland), CosSearch SLU (Spain) and RohChem (The Netherlands) to contact Hauschild Headquarters in Hamm/Germany or their distributor in Dallas/Texas. Hauschild will make available all possible resources to clarify any doubts and provide clear information about the quality and safety of the equipment.

Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild says: “What we recently discovered in the US left me almost speechless. I want to reassure our customers that Hauschild will do everything in its power to support them and to make sure that they can safely continue working with our equipment. Although Hauschild has never authorized the use of non-original parts, I apologize to our customers in the name of our company and of its shareholders for any inconvenience that this might cause.”

User of Hauschild SpeedMixermay write to [email protected] or [email protected].