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Xcape Setup With Solar

From Black to Light: How Microgrid Technology Can Sustain Manufacturing into the Future

Oct. 26, 2020
Every manufacturer knows a power outage is bad for business. When the circuits go down, so does productivity—and profits. Nobody can predict or prevent every outage, but the damage can be bypassed by using a sustainable solution like microgrid technology.

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is an energy generator you can install on-site to power your facility, either as a backup to the main power grid or as a reliable, ongoing source of clean energy that operates independently of the traditional utility grid.

EnTech Solutions has designed a unique microgrid called Xcape, which operates on power from solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and utility grid power. This microgrid stores excess solar energy in the battery system, so when solar power is unavailable due to cloudy or night skies, Xcape draws power from either the battery system or the grid. That means you never run out of power, no matter what’s happening in the environment around you. Developed by highly experienced energy experts, Xcape utilizes Internet of Energy (IoE) control platforms to ensure intelligent, comprehensive, and resilient electricity is delivered from an infrastructure that prioritizes the use of all available resources.

Ideal for Manufacturers

Even a blip in the main utility grid can cost thousands of dollars in lost production time. A microgrid that bridges the gap in power supply can also be scaled to meet your ongoing energy needs. Modular solutions, like Xcape, can connect to the main grid or operate in island mode, independent of a “parent” energy source. This technology can also be optimized to utilize clean energy during peak load times, allowing companies to save utility costs.

Modular vs Customized

Until now, microgrids have been largely available in custom-built units, designed for each customer’s facility and grid. While that sounds like concierge treatment, it’s far more expensive and time-consuming than today’s option—modular units. These “out of the box” mobile microgrids are much faster and more cost-effective to install, providing reliable, clean energy as quickly as possible. They’re also standardized and tested prior to installation, ensuring the highest quality dependable power from day one.

The best part? Multiple modular grids can connect to one another, generating a mini-network of independent energy—like your own personal power plant—ready to meet your biggest to smallest power challenges. Xcape units in particular offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • On-demand access: Remote, real-time digital access to energy production and consumption stats so customers can see how the microgrid is working at any given moment, at a glance.
  • Sustainable: System intelligence maximizes the use of renewable, clean energy.
  • Resilient: Rely on a secure power supply for uninterrupted operations.
  • Intelligent: The unit determines which energy source to utilize based on your needs.
  • Expandable: Scalability is key! The microgrid output can be easily expanded or slimmed to meet evolving energy needs.

Don’t Do It Alone

When it comes to installing a microgrid, we don’t recommend the do-it-yourself (DIY) route. While construction companies may have qualified engineers on staff, we recommend teaming up with an end-to-end partner, like EnTech Solutions, who can provide expert guidance and support from concept to reality. This ensures your entire system runs smoothly every step of the way, from understanding your power generation needs and helping you navigate your local utility landscape and subsidies, to engineering the system, procuring equipment, constructing the microgrid on-site, commissioning, and after installation, optimizing, managing and maintaining the energy source.

Concept-to-reality partnerships allow you, the manufacturer, to fully understand the benefits and values of a particular solution for your needs before you get caught up in the discussion of costs. Microgrid technology is not an apples-to-apples proposition. There are many factors that come into play when designing the right sustainable energy solutions for your needs, and an experienced partner will be able to explain the costs and benefits in the context of your unique situation.

The Xcape microgrid was designed using state-of-the-art technology in partnership with Schneider Electric. EnTech Solutions optimized it and is continually working to advance its capabilities to ensure our customers experience maximum results from our technology. Systems are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure optimum capacity. As load profiles, price policies or tariffs change, your microgrid is also adapting and optimized for both price and performance.

The Future Is Here

In today’s volatile economic climate, manufacturers that choose innovative methods of operating will rise above the competition and overcome the obstacles that could bring them down. Say goodbye to unreliable energy and spotty grid performance. If your business—and your future—depend on resilient, uninterrupted energy to thrive, then microgrid technology is an intelligent choice. By incorporating clean, sustainable power as a backup and supplement to your existing grid, your facilities can operate at maximum capacity—and profitability—now and for years to come.