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Android Apps to Speed Up Workflow

Useful hacks for engineers and manufacturing workers to better access industrial technology using Android apps.

You may think the following Android apps aren't powerful enough to help in highly demanding industrial applications, but these simple apps can help speed up your work and make your life easier overall.

  1. AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor
    This Autodesk app allows you to access the cloud and upload, open and view 2D DWG drawings from your smart device to create, edit and share them. You can even go offline and still have access to CAD drawings in the field.

    AutoCAD DWG Viewer

  2. Trello
    Acting as a digital bulleten board, Trello ensures production stays fast and efficient and that appointments and production schedules are always on track. Simply create boards for any project and then invite your team. This way, everyone will be updated to the things to accomplish for this particular project. You can also create cards and organize by group memebr to assign specific jobs and add due dates as gentle reminders. It's easy to drop files and comments as well to curate each task.
  3. Google Keep
    Busy individuals need effective, easy-to-use reminder apps, and with this, you can easily jot down whatever’s on your mind that is valuable for the production process. Google Keep also allows a voice memo so you will only have to speak and the app will transcribe it so you will then be reminded.
  4. AirDroid
    AirDroid speeds up the transferring of files from one process/department to another and supports all types of files in different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices on the same network and remotely. You can send documents, photos and videos that are essential for the process.
  5. Ring Spotlight Cam
    Surveillance cameras are not actually used to spy on people, rather in a business, it’s very useful to monitor the happenings in your office or factory. It’s a great tool to monitor your workers whether the job has been done on time and if there is no fooling around as well. And the Ring Spotlight Cam, which records in HD, will do the job for you.

    Ring Spotlight Cam

  6. Lyra Virtual Assistant
    Sometimes that is what is needed to get the job done. But it is just too impossible to do two things even the simple ones at the same time, like just checking your schedule for the day, or knowing your appointments and meetings. With a good virtual assistant like Lyra, you do not have to abandon your tasks. You can command your Android device by simply saying “Ok, Google”. Simple tasks like knowing your schedule for the day and client meetings. Just like any other virtual assistant, it helps cross out all your tasks for the day. All you need to do is speak with your smartphone.
  7. Harvest Time and Expense Tracker
    Harvest Time and Expense tracker helps you squeeze a little more time out of the day by dividing your time in order to complete everything that needs to be accomplished within the day. You can track your time online or offline. Easily set up a timer for each task of the day and this will help you fully maximize your time. And not only that, Harvest also lets you track your expenses so you don’t go overboard. You can take and upload receipts straight to the app. You can also use this app to submit expenses to bill to your clients.
  8. SimpleRFID
    Radio frequency identification allows businesses to locate and find their products through unique tags in them. With this, you can schedule products very effectively and efficiently. And when it’s time to ship them out, you can also monitor them so these products can be right on schedule. One app to help you with that is SimpleRFID for Android. It makes inventory counting and order shipment a hassle-free experience. Also, it helps you navigate through your product library and create a specific tag based on certain requirements.

This article was contributed by Joy of Android.

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