Fast and Accurate LaserUltra (DIGILOG) Measurement

Nov. 13, 2021
The ANCA LaserUltra reduces waste and the need for off-line measuring equipment.

LaserUltra dramatically increases capacity and reduces waste through highly accurate and fast in-process measurement and compensation. It is the next generation of the highly popular LaserPlus, an in-process measurement technology.


The LaserUltra 70% reduction in measurement time of tools compared to Laser Plus is achieved through the new Analog measurement. The Analog measurement is a continuous edge scan instead of number of digital points along the cutting edge. This process also eliminates variations caused by machine standing idle, errors due to manual wheel corrections, and the requirement of skilled operators. It provides increased accuracy, productivity, and reduction of scrap.


LaserUltra allows the measurement of tool geometries to tolerances of 2?m (0.002 mm) without removing the tool from the grinder, saving time in the manufacturing process and ensuring maximum accuracy in measurement is maintained over large batch grinding.


Other features include several new ToolTypes like Barrel shape cutters and Lens shapes that are included with LaserUltra measurement cycles, new operations like runout compensation and enhanced functions, and a larger working envelop.

  • Automated in-process tool diameter and profile compensation
  • No operator intervention
  • Suitable for batch production with lights out manufacturing
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Reduced setup times
  • Non-contact measuring means no tool damage possible
  • Reduction of scrap tools
  • High productivity due to faster measurement times
  • Measurement reports and QC Data for analytics