IDeal-Prime Internal Diameter Grinding Wheels

Sept. 14, 2021
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives' IDeal-Prime Internal Diameter Grinding Wheels provide accuracy and cost savings.

The high-performance IDeal-Prime Internal Diameter Grinding Wheels are for precision applications. The wheels feature nano-crystalline ceramic grain, embedded in an optimized matrix of Norton Vitrium3 bond. The combination of the micro-fracture properties of the ceramic and the retention capability of the bond ensures long wheel life, grinding efficiency, and consistent part quality with a superior finish which results in cost savings.


Reduced cycle times and lower cost per part are achieved due to the self-sharpening grain technology, which increases the material removal rate (MRR) and decreases the need for dressing. Even with increased MRR, the innovative grain offers sharpness and cutting efficiency that reduces spindle power requirements, minimizing mechanical stress and improving part geometry.


For long wheel life, the grain micro-structure enables cooler cuts and maintains more stable wheel profiles and shapes.


IDeal-Prime Internal Diameter Grinding Wheels are ideally suited for a range of applications including bearing, automotive, general engineering, and gear. The new wheels are available in grits ranging from 46 to 150, in grades from G to Q, and in structures from 6 to 10.