Sept. 22, 2021
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments' SPECTROMAXx LMX09 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer represents a leap forward in speed and value.

The ninth-generation SPECTROMAXx LMX09 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer features improvements for the ultra-reliable advanced analysis of incoming and outgoing materials at metal producing and fabricating plants. Users get ultrafast information to react rapidly to changing process conditions. The analyzer also provides a drastically reduced cost of ownership with lower consumables, plus advanced diagnostics and easy maintenance that increases availability and prevents expensive downtime.


The analyzer is available in two models, differing only in their optical systems. The basic SPECTROMAXx features SPECTRO’s single air optic with high-resolution CCD sensors. Its solid design resists fluctuations due to ambient temperature changes. It handles elemental wavelengths from 233 to 670 nm. The new SPECTROMAXx Advanced adds a new UV optic with four high-resolution CMOS detectors. Its extended wavelength range covers elements from 120 to 235 nm. A closed system circulates gas through SPECTRO’s UV Plus cleaning cartridge, eliminating extra argon consumption and contamination risks. Both versions feature a temperature-stabilized system that heats both optics. Both are available as floor-mounted units with optional PC stands or benchtop models for a minimum footprint.

  • Fast, simple standardization with SPECTRO’s proprietary iCAL 2.0 calibration logic — needing only five minutes and a single sample per day. Plus, iCAL 2.0 automatically compensates for most changes in environmental temperature or pressure.
  • Significant reductions in argon gas consumption — 6 to 12% during operation and 18 to 64% during standby — without impacting performance.
  • An expanded wavelength range with the option of a new UV optic to handle a spectral range from 120 to 235 nm, extending analyses to elements such as nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus as well as hydrogen and oxygen in titanium base materials.
  • Improved ease of use with routine, trouble-free analysis of 10 matrices, 68 methods, and 56 elements.
  • Effortless operation with SPECTRO’s SPARK ANALYZER Pro software, featuring application profiles, automatic program selection, and argon saver. New functions include the ability to recall stored spectra for later reevaluation/recalculation, extended data export functions, quick check programs for the rapid analysis of iron and aluminum, and onsite upgrades/additions of analytical methods without any hardware changes.
  • Hardware improvements, including a new spark stand configuration with easier access for automation options, a new optic isolation concept for greater temperature stability, UV optic (on SPECTROMAXx Advanced), an ultra-robust, high-power plasma generator with spark frequencies up to 1000 Hz, start/stop averaging button/spark indicator, and on/off safety switch to control line/mains power.
  • Adapter kits offering a variety of flexible, easy-to-use solutions to meet the wide range of analysis requirements of material control.