Safety Toolbox Talks App

Sept. 1, 2021
With SafetyTek's App, 365 Toolbox Talks can be scheduled, delivered, and tracked daily.

With the SafetyTek Toolbox Talks application, safety professionals can accelerate their safety programs by setting up daily toolbox talks within minutes.


The SafetyTek Toolbox Talks app features a calendar with 365 pre-packaged toolbox talks on a range of topics curated to cover everything from ladder safety to working under extreme weather conditions—eliminating the time and effort required to research, create and present toolbox talks. Now safety professionals can keep their teams informed, compliant, and safe with new and unique safety topics every day.


The talks, all under 2 minutes, are automatically delivered to workers on their mobile phones. After watching a talk, employees take a brief quiz to demonstrate their understanding. Meanwhile, managers can use the app’s robust reporting to instantly see which toolbox talk each worker has watched, as well as how they scored on the quizzes.


No special set-up is required. Managers simply register and invite their employees to download the app. All talks are pre-scheduled, but managers can adjust them as needed. Companies can subscribe to the cloud-based SafetyTek Toolbox Talks app either as a standalone solution or as part of the SafetyTek Workplace Safety Engagement Platform.

  • Deliver toolbox talks directly to mobile devices
  • Track worker sign-offs
  • Quizzes to demonstrate understanding
  • Expand team knowledge with a variety of topics