Fan Cooled Posidyne Clutch Brakes

Sept. 2, 2021

Fan Cooled Posidyne clutch brakes allow rapid and precise stopping, starting, speed change, and positioning even in harsh environments such as high heat, high cycle rates, and high inertia loads. Oil Shear technology transmits torque through lubricated surfaces so there is no wear and no heat build-up, so the clutch brakes require no maintenance or adjustment. By adding fan cooling the housing is continuously cooled, providing as much as 4.5 times the cooling capacity of non-fan models. 


The addition of a fan is recommended for applications where the input shaft rotates at high speed (1,800 or 1,200 rpm). Elevated ambient temperatures will adversely impact the radiation cooling effect. If additional cooling is required, options available include liquid cooling, external cooling packages, and forced lube cooling. Fan cooled Posidyne clutch brakes allow cycle rates of up to 300 cycles per minute, increasing production rates with less downtime. They are ideal for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, such as indexing conveyors that feed palletizers, rotary tables, batch feeders, rotary coal samplers, cutoff machines, and more. 


Designed with low inertia cycling components makes the Posidyne clutch brake more efficient, requiring less motor horsepower to accelerate the load, and less torque to stop the load. Their totally enclosed design is impervious to dust, chips, chemicals, coolants, caustic wash down, weather, and more, making them ideal for hostile environments. 


A simple actuation system allows torque in the clutch and brake to be precisely controlled.  Adjustment for rapid or soft starts and stops is easily accomplished.  Manifold mounted control valves reduce response times by eliminating hoses and fittings, and are recommended for high cycle applications. By reducing the high starting inrush currents and the associated power factor imbalance in the motor these unique clutch/brakes can also reduce energy costs. 


The Posidyne clutch brake can be actuated by air or hydraulic pressure for use in a plant or outside remote applications. The hydraulic actuation package includes a hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, regulators, and a filter.  A heat exchanger can be added for additional cooling.


The Posidyne is inherently explosion-proof with the addition of an explosion-proof actuation valve, or locating the valve in an explosion-proof cabinet. Multiple sizes are available to suit particular applications from ½ to 350 HP (99 Lb. In. to 79,000 Lb. In.) with cooling options, control logic, and mounting arrangements to simplify and speed installation.