FusionZ Compound Brake Discs

Dec. 3, 2021
Otto Zimmermann's FusionZ Compound Brake Discs have a significantly reduced weight.

FusionZ high-quality compound brake discs showcase reduced unsprung mass and improved driving performance. So far, the discs come in three separate series types.


Conventional brake discs are a one piece solution made out of one material, usually gray cast iron. In contrast, compound brake discs are made of different materials, namely cast iron for the friction ring and aluminum or steel for the hub. Both parts are then joined together by metal pins (Formula:Z series), are positively riveted together (Formula:F series) or are casted with one another (Formula:S series).


The total weight of the brake disc is significantly reduced due to the compound design. The weight reduction amounts to several kilograms per vehicle. This not only has a direct impact on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and acceleration, but also improves driving characteristics.

  • Formula Z: Hub and friction ring are floating mounted
  • Formula F: Hub and friction ring are form fitting
  • Formula S: Special combining of steel hub and casted friction ring