Miki Pulley BXW Brakes

Nov. 18, 2022
Adjusting a stop and hold position in an automated system is made easy using Miki Pulley BXW brakes with the manual release lever feature.

The manual release lever feature on Miki Pulley BXW brakes allows fine tuning automated production processes. It allows the operator to depress the lever and make a manual adjustment when the system is powered off. The lever also allows easy system indexing in the event of a power failure. These BXW brakes are Spring Actuated Electromagnetic Brakes. They provide reliable dynamic braking when a system’s power is disengaged and good performance for longer-term holding requirements for staging, loading, and unloading system operations.


Applications include ones that allow for free rotation without energizing the brake. This is ideal when a machine system must be manipulated during a power interruption – where the operator can easily depress the lever and release the brake allowing for rotation. Also, this model brake can be incorporated into a mechanical system design where a mechanical component engages the brake lever within the system to fine tune rotational placement.


BXW brakes utilize internal compression springs to provide power-off, fail-safe braking. The primary moving part in this robust but simple brake design is the armature plate. When actuated, the brake compression springs push the armature plate into the friction disc when power is disengaged. This feature provides fail-safe braking and allows the brake to maintain position over long periods of time, thus preventing an automated system from “coasting” when powered off.


Additional features include quiet operation, high holding torque, space saving, long service life, stable, reliable braking power, and manual release mechanisms. They are available in three different models for either single use braking, holding or both braking and holding.

BXW Brake specifications depending on model are:

  • Brake torque: 0.88 to 0.369 ft/lb (0.12 to 5.2Nm)
  • Brake outer diameter: 1.457 to 2.953 in. (37 to 75 mm) 
  • Ambient temperature: 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)