Semi-Automatic Form, Pack and Seal Solution

March 22, 2021

The BEL 5150E is the first semi-automatic case forming, packing, and sealing solution with auto-adjust case size changeover designed primarily for low to mid-speed e-commerce applications. Servo motors have been integrated into all three changepoints to allow for a quick and automated size change.


The BEL 5150E achieves the best results when integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, tracking the entire process from order picking to shipping. For example, as picked orders approach the packing station, the ERP system sends a signal to both the BEL 5150E and the operator to advise of the most optimal case for that order. The BEL 5150E can then begin changing sizes to the advised case and the operator can select and load the proper sized box. Once completed, the order is verified, sealed, labeled, and ready for shipping as the BEL 5150E receives the next case size information to being the cycle all over again.


Although many e-commerce applications seem to use between eight to 15 different box sizes, the BEL 5150E has the capacity of up to 30 different box sizes with the ability to expand if necessary. 


While the best results in efficiency and productivity gains are seen when the BEL 5150E is integrated with an ERP system, operators can also select a box size from the HMI screen or integrate any type of input tool desired such as buttons, scanners, and more. In both cases, the machine selects the proper box sizes and automatically makes the necessary adjustments for each product.

  • First ever all-in-one form, pack and seal system with auto-adjust
  • Quick, reliable, and automatic case size change
  • Can be integrated and optimized to work with any ERP or e-commerce system
  • Easy and ergonomic two-handed case packing
  • Compact footprint that can be easily implemented into different applications
Speedup to 10 CPM (cases per minute)
ConstructionPremium welded frame with corrosion-resistant materials including anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a paint-free construction
AdhesionAvailable in tape
Country of OriginDesigned and Built in Canada


Case RackCase rack holds KDF blanks for quick and ergonomic case packing. Can be integrated with pick-to-light system for accurate blank picking.
Locking CastersCasters allow the entire system to be mobile and be quickly moved to different areas of the plant where required.
Outfeed ConveyorOutfeed conveyor provides a location to collect sealed and packed cases so they can be palletized or transported for further processing.