Flexible Boom Lift for Greater Heights

April 3, 2021

Adding to the JLG Hi-Capacity product line that includes articulating and telescopic boom lift models with platform heights ranging from 40 to 86-ft, the 450AJ HC3 boom lift offers more flexibility to get work done at height. The 450AJ HC3 model has a 45-ft platform height and 25-ft of horizontal outreach. It also features the HC3 product line’s three capacity zones: 660/750/1,000 lb., giving it the ability to carry up to three occupants and tools to height in every zone.


Complying with the latest ANSI A92.20/CSA B354.6 industry standards, the boom lift features a zero calibration, automatic load sensing system. To enhance safety, this feature keeps the machine within the allowable work envelope by limiting range depending on platform load. It alerts an operator when the allowable limit of the work envelope is exceeded and enables the operator to boom down or retracts into a safe zone to continue working. And, the zero-calibration feature eliminates the need to use external weights to calibrate the machine, saving time and effort because the machine can be recalibrated to full capacity without placing a 1,000-lb. load in the platform. The 450AJ HC3 boom also includes a chassis tilt alarm that alerts the operator when the machine is on a slope greater than five degrees.


Enhancing the operator experience, the LED display in the platform and ground controls on JLG HC3 boom lifts improves visibility by sensing ambient light conditions and adjusting brightness to optimize operator comfort and readability. While this hi-capacity model is heavier in weight than its standard model counterpart; it retains the same footprint for ease of transport and use in comparable work environments.

  • Platform Height: 45 ft / 13.72 m
  • Platform Capacity - Restricted: 1,000 lb. / 453.59 kg
  • Platform Capacity - Restricted 2: 750 lb. / 340.19 kg
  • Platform Capacity - Unrestricted: 660 lb. / 299.37 kg
  • Horizontal Outreach: 25 ft / 7.62 m


  • With three working zones and enhanced capacity, up to three workers and tools can fit into the platform
  • A zero calibration automatic load sensing system eliminates the need to use external weights to calibrate the machine
  • An upgraded light panel is more visible in the sun, while a chassis tilt alarm alerts the operator when the machine is on a slope that exceeds 5 degrees