PCB Adapter for E-Stop

March 24, 2021

An intuitive PCB adapter for the IP69K-rated Series 61 Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Compact allows for flexible and safe PCB assembly. The PCB adapter enables the advantages of the Series 61 E-Stop Compact to be combined with those of a constructed printed circuit board. As a solid connection, the PCB plug-in base can be quickly and easily mated between the emergency stop switch and the PCB.


This method of assembly reduces the back panel depth to a minimum (26 mm) and allows wiring errors to be prevented. The PCB adapter is especially well-suited for use in space restrictive applications.


The IP69K Series 61 E-Stop Compact offers critical safety controls which are uniquely compact, robust, and reliable. For more information on the Series 61 E-Stop and PCB adapter, please visit https://eao.com/en/61-e-stop.

  • Simple, flexible, and quick to mount
  • Prevents wiring errors
  • Very low back panel depth
  • Easy separation for maintenance purposes