Auto Racing Angle Sensors

Jan. 29, 2021

The SP2800 Auto-Sport Series of rotary sensors for angle measurement were developed for auto racing and other demanding applications.


Key specifications include 20 models covering measurement ranges of 0 to 100, 130, 308, 345 or 350-deg. There is also a redundant version with a 100° range. These ranges were specifically selected for sequential gearbox, steering angle, throttle, and suspension measurement applications. Repeatability is 0.01%. Linearity is to 0.3% depending on the model.


The SP2800 Auto-Sport Series is hermetically sealed, without any moving seals, to IP67 and provides a long life of ? 50 million cycles even in water, dust, and oil environments. They can be ordered with plastic or aluminum housings. Temperature drift is 5 ppm/K. Vibration the parts will operate under is up to 20 g.


The operating temperature range of the SP2800 Auto Sport is -40 to +150°C  that converts to -40 to +302°F. They have compact designs of 1.1-in. diameter. Mechanical coupling is with either push-on or 6-mm shaft. Viton boot or aluminum connectors can be ordered and are sold separately.