All-In-One EHS Software: Vera Suite

Sept. 2, 2020
KPA's EHS and work compliance platform can manage corrective and preventive actions, incidents, and chemical inventories.

The Vera Suite platform helps organizations maintain a culture of safety, streamline operations, and manage risk. With Vera Suite, safety professionals manage corrective and preventive actions, incidents, and chemical inventories (SDS). With Vera Suite, organizations carry out mobile-enabled inspections, access a regulatory content repository, and distribute online safety training–all within one system.


This latest release of Vera Suite gives users the ability to create their own audit and inspection templates and customize over 50 KPA-designed, pre-packaged templates to fit the needs of their organization. This flexible approach allows safety managers to create EHS inspections that are tailored to the specific areas of risk within their facilities. Examples include emergency response, hazardous materials, and employee health assessments.


In addition, KPA recently announced a COVID-19 Safety Program that helps clients develop a comprehensive program to help safely guide a return to normal operations, and ensure ongoing compliance with stringent new OSHA regulations. This COVID-19 Safety Program is delivered through a combination of online tools and training delivered in the Vera Suite software platform, along with a new COVID-19 Safe Workplace Audit delivered on-site or remotely by expert KPA consultants who help clients ensure safety and compliance.

  • Dashboards & reporting
  • Dealer-specific training
  • OSHA reporting
  • Audits & inspections
  • Mobile ready