Align Machines Quickly With Laser Alignment

Sept. 23, 2020

ShaftAlign Touch laser alignment system is a digital solution that exceeds the capabilities of conventional tools and delivers greater speed and accuracy.


The user-friendly system combines premium single-laser technology with Active Situational Intelligence to empower teams of varying experience levels to align most any asset with new levels of precision and speed. ShaftAlign Touch automatically eliminates user errors and low-quality measurement points by adapting to the asset, the alignment situation, and the technician who is performing the job. Cloud-compatible software allows newer technicians to share measurements with more experienced colleagues or consultants—inside the plant or across the globe—to complete a job.


  • High performance and precise results — ShaftAlign Touch leverages single-laser technology to provide high-precision, high-performance alignment measurements.
  • Quick setup and intuitive user interface — its swift setup and tablet-like, intuitive guided user interface make it more user-friendly than any of the conventional alignment measurement methods.
  • Ability to share data via the cloud — technicians can leverage its integrated Wi-Fi cloud solution to easily transfer measurement data from the ShaftAlign Touch handheld device to the ARC 4.0 software.


ShaftAlign Touch is the latest addition to the family of Prüftechnik Adaptive Alignment laser systems. Adaptive Alignment is a combination of software and hardware that enables maintenance and reliability teams to adjust to most any horizontal, angular, or vertical alignment challenge. With Adaptive Alignment solutions, work is completed faster, results are more accurate, and team capabilities are better utilized compared to other market solutions.