Screening and Compliance Mobile App for COVID-19

June 9, 2020
CrowdBlink has developed a mobile app to help organizations ensure no employee enters a facility displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

CrowdBlink Protect, a screening and compliance application, offers a new way for construction, manufacturing, supply-chain organizations to screen individuals for COVID-19 symptoms, fitness for work, and risk factors prior to allowing access to a workplace or location.


CrowdBlink Protect is currently available, B2B pricing starts at $199/month and includes an unlimited number of people scanned. 

  • Conducting assessment questionnaires (such as COVID-19 symptoms).
  • Recording readings (such as fever/temperature readings).
  • Is able to scan any barcode/QR code, or manual entry, to associate the assessment results with an individual (most commonly used to scan employee IDs).
  • Associating responses with an individual prior to either returning a PASS or FAIL result.
  • It allows organizations to do everything that can be reasonably expected of them to ensure a safe working environment while automatically maintaining secure, digital logs.
  • Minimal operational impact: the entire process of scanning, recording, and submitting each individual only takes an average of 10 seconds. This allows organizations to keep their workplace safe without sacrificing operational efficiency.
  • Support for either centralized assessments (with an individual conducting the assessment with many individuals) or self-assessments (where an individual submits their own responses in the mobile app).