Compact Radio Control

April 17, 2020

MINI, a compact radio-control, is used to remotely control various electrical systems (operating distance: 150 m). The handheld transmitter provides a control panel that is customizable (on request) and resists intensive use.


The MITO electronics provide an automatic search of the best available free frequency even while operating (bi-directional LBT Listen Before Transmit system). The identification code is unique and the transmission is clear from possible interference from any other system present in the area of use.


Available configurations: from 2 up to 8 simultaneous channels, in addition to the functions of start and stop. Internal lithium battery, 50 hours continuous working and quick charging. Each receiver can be combined with up to 20 transmitter units by granting the uniqueness of the transmitted command. The standard package includes transmitter, receiver, power supply, charger casing, transmitter holder, user manual.