Full-Cycle Automation Analytics Platform

May 12, 2020
Kryon’s Full Cycle Automation system delivers improved robot performance monitoring, actionable insights, and advanced user experience.

ConsoleX is an advanced web-based management and monitoring dashboard that lets its users configure, schedule, and manage virtual workforces comprised of Kryon robots from any location, all in real-time. ConsoleX further strengthens Kryon’s Full Cycle Automation v20.3 offering, delivering improved robot performance monitoring, actionable insights, advanced user experience, and optimal performance.


Based on the NGINX server platform, ConsoleX boasts a new dashboard providing a condensed and informative operational view. It allows users to spot changes very quickly in expected robot execution, identify bottlenecks, easily identify their sources, and perform corrective actions. Customizable advanced analytics provide immediate, actionable insights that highlight areas that require attention.


Similar to overseeing human workers, ConsoleX enables businesses to manage virtual workers with full visibility by assigning workloads, monitoring task status and performance, and accessing smart analytics to help optimize overall performance.


ConsoleX creates a simplified visual understanding of automation at work via real-time events tracker and provides actionable insights based on data analysis. This makes it easy to analyze and take actions to improve the performance of robots, in addition to setting up notifications for events that require further investigation. Robot run time statistics clearly display the time saved by robotic work.


As enterprises across the globe continue to scale up their automation, Kryon’s ConsoleX brings novel capabilities to help them monitor, assess, and assign automation workflows exactly as they would with human staff. This intuitive, interactive console allows anyone in an organization to deploy, manage, and continually scale up Kryon Robots.