Micro850 2080-L50E and Micro870 2080-L70E PLC

Aug. 5, 2023
Rockwell Automation's PLCs streamline the integration of controllers to drives, simplifying the development of standalone machines.

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The Micro850 and Micro870 controllers offer greater connectivity and design efficiency through Class 1 implicit messaging capability with up to 8 EtherNet/IP devices supported. Streamlining the integration of controller to drives, the controllers support the PowerFlex 520 series and Kinetix 5100 drives over EtherNet/IP with pre-defined tags and pre-developed user-defined function block instructions. 


Connected Components Workbench software version 21 is the required minimum to support the Class 1 implicit messaging capability in the controllers. The controller and software enhancements can help drive industrial operations productivity while lowering costs.


Users can minimize programmatic efforts and troubleshooting time, simplifying the development of standalone machines. The expanded smart capabilities allow users to develop and deploy automation projects faster, accelerating time to market.

  • Increased connectivity with Class 1 implicit messaging capability
  • Simplified integration to PowerFlex 520 series and Kinetix 5100 drives through pre-defined tags
  • Improved controller performance with increased I/O response and code execution time
  • Increased protocol connectivity with expanded DF1 communications support
  • Easy recognition of new controller options with catalog numbers containing E, for Ethernet connectivity, after the controller series. For example: 2080-L50E
  • Offers 24-point and 48-point controllers
  • Includes 100 kHz speed high-speed counter (HSC) inputs on 24V DC models
  • Provides embedded communications via USB programming port, non-isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485), and Ethernet port
  • Supports up to five Micro800 plug-in modules
  • Supports up to four Micro850 expansion I/O modules, up to 192 I/O points
  • Provides embedded motion capabilities by supporting as many as three axes with Pulse Train Outputs (PTO)
  • Communicates via EtherNet/IP
  • Operates in -4 to 149°F (-20 to 65°C) temperatures
  • Supports microSD card for program transfer, datalog, and recipe management through plug-in module?
  • Increased protocol connectivity with additional DNP3 and expanded DF1 communications support (Micro870)
  • Enhanced protocol authentication in DNP3 with Secure Authentication version 5 (SAv5) (Micro870)