High Torque, Adjustable Railcar Opener

March 26, 2020
Martin Engineering's railcar opener quickly opens and closes even the most stubborn gravity discharge gates.

Able to quickly open and close even the most stubborn gravity discharge gates, the Impacting Railcar Opener (IRCO) features a lifting mechanism that provides nearly 15-in. of height adjustment.  Powered by a 1-1/2-in. pneumatic impact tool capable of delivering up to 10,000 ft-lb. of torque, the IRCO can be set up to accommodate capstan heights of 7.23 to 22.22 in. or 10.23 to 25.22 in.


As a result, the capstan extension can be quickly and easily aligned (level and square) with the gate’s capstan, allowing the tool to apply maximum torque to the gate and reduce the chance of a misalignment that could cause stripping. Adjustable handle height and pivoting wheels contribute to an ergonomic, versatile design that can speed the unloading of unit trains with improved safety and efficiency. While shaving seconds off the opening/closing time may seem a minor advantage for bulk terminals, if that’s multiplied by hundreds of gates per day, the time adds up quickly. 


The adjustable handle height also delivers a more ergonomic tool that helps reduce repetitive stress, and the improved operator experience contributes to greater safety and fewer potential injuries. Large, foam-filled tires provide easy maneuverability on any surface, and users will never have to deal with a flat tire. The wheels also pivot with the pull of a lever for lateral movement to accommodate traveling capstans. 


Peak performance is realized using 90 PSI (6.2 Bar) of compressed air at 130 CFM (.061 m3/s or 61 L/s). An in-line lubricator is supplied with each unit.