Fever-Screening Thermal Imager

March 30, 2020
?AMETEK Land has released a fever screening thermal imaging system designed for highly accurate human body temperature measurement.

The vIRalert 2 fixed thermal imaging system provides an accurate and remote surface measurement of body temperature, automatically alerting the operator to elevated temperatures.


This technology calibrates the thermal image with a blackbody calibration source in real-time to provide a system accuracy of better than 0.5°C and can, therefore, detect even small temperature changes induced by a fever. As a result, the vIRalert 2 system provides accurate and reliable skin temperature measurement for screening at point-of-entry into key facilities, like offices, factories, warehouses, schools, government buildings and any other places where infectious diseases can easily spread.


AMETEK Land’s vIRalert 2 system provides on-screen and audible alerts when a pedestrian with an elevated temperature is detected, allowing simple decision making on whether a person should be further vetted for admission without slowing pedestrian flow. Quick and easy to install, vIRalert 2 is simple to operate and works straight out of the box. It also has an automatic alert function, which reduces the potential for human error. 


AMETEK Land’s vIRalert system includes a thermal imaging camera, a certified blackbody source (calibrated to 38°C with power supply), connecting cables, flexible mounting options, screening software, and a laptop (optional). With a typical detection distance of two meters, the system gives a field of view of 140 x 110 cm from the thermal imager.