Guardian XO Full-Body Exoskeleton

Jan. 23, 2020
Sarcos' exoskeleton allows users to safely lift and manipulate up to 200 lb. without fatigue or strain.

The Guardian XO full-body exoskeleton is the world's first battery-powered industrial robot to combine human intelligence, instinct, and judgment with the power, endurance, and precision of machines.


Set to transform the way work gets done, the industrial exoskeleton augments operator strength without restricting freedom of movement to boost productivity while dramatically reducing injuries.


Uniquely suited for safer, more productive manufacturing/assembly, construction, field service, and warehouse/logistics use cases, the Guardian XO enables a single person to deliver the productivity of many, while significantly reducing the risk of occupational injury.


The Guardian XO exoskeleton makes light work of heavy-duty tasks, empowering the operator to safely lift and manipulate up to 200 lb. without fatigue or strain.


Sarcos has designed the Guardian XO Max to be full-body and fully-powered, meaning the entire weight of the suit, as well as its payload, is transferred through the suit’s structure to the ground. This results in offloading 100% of the weight the worker is bearing, as well as the weight of the suit itself, and thereby substantially reducing the operator’s metabolic output and drastically reducing the risk for worker strain or injury.

  • Full-body design
  • Reduces physical strain by offloading 100% of the exoskeleton's weight during use
  • Lifts 35 to 200 lb. (15 to 90 kg)
  • Amplifies operator strength by a factor of up to 20x
  • Enables smoother lifting motion
  • Onboard power source offers near-continuous operation with hot-swappable batteries
  • XO Pod docking station for battery charging
  • Hot-swappable battery extends uptime and flexibility
  • Supports modular and user-selectable end effectors