DXMR90 Industrial Controller

Dec. 16, 2021
Made for multiple IIoT applications, Banner Engineering's DXMR90 industrial controller features versatile connection options and cloud connectivity.

For processing machine sensor signals, the DXMR90 industrial controller for smart factories allows users to leverage the competitive advantages of the Industrial Internet of Things. This robust device serves as a central hub for processing incoming signals from equipment. It then outputs a combined data stream that provides direct visibility of active processes, detects opportunities for specific productivity improvements, and enables advanced predictive maintenance capabilities to prevent costly downtime. Applications include IIoT data analytics, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, OEE analysis, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.


The DXMR90 contains individual Modbus Clients for concurrent communication with up to five independent serial networks. It converts Modbus RTU signals to Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet I/P or Profinet, and it communicates with devices that use internet protocols such as RESTful, MQTT, and APIs. Data output can be sent over Ethernet (or a connected cellular-enabled DXM Controller) to cloud platforms, including Banner’s own Cloud Data Services, for round-the-clock condition monitoring, email or text message alerts, and data-driven insights. The compact housing saves space and weight compared to traditional “block”-style form factors.

  • Supply voltage: 12 to 30 V DC
  • Supply protection circuitry: Protected against reverse polarity and transient voltages
  • Power consumption: 120 mA maximum at 12 V DC
  • Construction: Connector Body: PVC translucent black
  • Indicators:
    • Amber: Power port 0
    • Amber: Modbus communications port 0-4
    • Green/amber: Ethernet communications
    • Red/amber/green: User configurable LEDs
  • Connections:
    • Five integral 5-pin M12 female quick disconnect
    • One integral 4-pin M12 male quick disconnect
    • One integral 5-pin M12 female D-Code quick disconnect