The PSX2 Over/Under Pressure Slam Shut Device offers critical protection to downstream applications by automatically shutting down the downstream flow of gas when pressure exceeds either upper or lower set limits.


The PSX2 is the only device of its kind that is made in the USA, where it is crafted of quality steel and aluminum construction at the BelGAS plant in Newell, West Virginia. A full inventory is stocked and ready for shipment throughout North America, with a team of 40 engineers on staff in the event that custom solutions are needed for specific applications.


The PSX2 works as a secondary component to BelGAS Series P200 and P300 regulators to protect downstream operations and equipment should the outlet pressure of the main regulator exceed the set point. Once tripped, the PSX2 requires a manual reset to reintroduce the flow downstream, an added safety benefit that encourages investigation and inspection.


Each PSX2 unit is manufactured, assembled, and tested in-house at the BelGAS plant. The PSX2 is available with either internal or external registration.