Versatilis Transmitters for Rotary Equipment Condition Monitoring

June 13, 2023
Honeywell's rotary equipment health monitoring tool maximizes uptime and reliability by providing users with key insights on equipment performance.

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Versatilis Transmitters provide condition-based monitoring for rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors, fans, blowers, and gearboxes. The transmitters are a multi-variant instrument based on the low-power, long-range LoRaWAN protocol. Low-power consumption and easy installation let users deploy at scale with a low cost and operating expenditure. They take measurements of vibration, surface temperature, and acoustics to anticipate equipment anomalies, as well as heat exchange and substation reliability.


Able to be integrated with Honeywell’s Experion HS and other SCADA or asset management platforms, this technology can predict equipment failures such as asset imbalance, misalignment, and bearing-related issues before they happen. The transmitter can be mounted through a magnetic, adhesive or threaded adapter.


Versatilis transmitters can be configured through the Honeywell Versatilis Connect app over Bluetooth in minutes to connect, configure, set limits, and view live as well as historical data. The application can run on mobile devices and tablets supporting iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.


While the sensor offers sufficient memory to store the data over several days for analyzing and troubleshooting equipment health in case of an event, there are also flexible options for data storage on-premises according to customers’ applications and preferences.

  • Ambient temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Surface temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Acoustics
  • LoRA and Bluetooth Wireless technoloogy
  • For ambient, environment, and equipment health monitoring
  • Enable autonomous and sustainable operations
  • Local technical support
  • 5-year battery life