Ergonomic Barfeed

June 12, 2019

Lexair Inc. is now offering the Multi Mini Rhinobar, a hydrodynamic barfeed for use with Swiss-style CNC screw machines that features a three feedtube cartridge instead of the traditional single feedtube. The Multi Mini makes multiple stock diameter indexing simple and fast by combining three feedtubes inside a single aluminum barrel.  Bar diameter capacity ranges from 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) to 20 mm, and models are available for either 6 feet or 12 feet bar lengths. By eliminating the need to pull one feedtube to insert another when changing sizes, productivity is increased.


A rotary manifold at the rear of the barrel distributes oil flow to the feedtube that is in service.  Oil fills the gap between the bar stock and the feed tube, and as the bar begins to turn, hydrodynamic forces move it toward the center on the feed tube. Centering forces are amplified as bar speed increases.


The Multi Mini has ergonomic design features and an upgraded safety interlock system. It includes a front swing-out mechanism for fast and easy reloading of bar stock, an automatic pusher return at the end of the bar, and standard built-in Z-axis retraction capability. A removable pendant provided convenient operator control. As with Lexair’s popular Mini Rhinobar, the Multi Mini is ruggedly designed and affordably priced.