Dynashear 850 High Shear Inline Emulsifier

Sept. 20, 2022
The Admix Dynashear 850 is now the largest model of the high shear, high speed Dynashear series.

For hygienic and industrial applications, the Dynashear 850 high shear inline emulsifier has a robust tandem shear head design that is built for processing up to 350 gal (1,324.9 L) per minute. Increasing throughput capabilities of the Dynashear line, it is particularly effective at wetting out powders into liquids and is the ideal solution for processors who need to blend, dissolve, deagglomerate, disperse, and emulsify a range of fluids and semi-fluids.

  • Axial diameter: 5.62 in. (142.7 mm)
  • Axial tip speed: 
    • FPM/FPS: 2650/44
    • MPM/MPS: 808/13.4
  • Radial diameter: 8.5 in. (215.9 mm)
  • Radial tip speed: 
    • FPM/FPS: 4005/66
    • MPM/MPS: 1220/20.1
  • Maximum flow rate: 350 gpm (1,325 lpm)