Klüberbio ALO 32-4000 Biodegradeable Railway Lubricant

Dec. 20, 2018

Railway switches are essential to guide trains from track to track. Klüberbio ALO 32-4000 is a synthetic specialty lubricant developed for railway switch slide plates. Its biodegradable formulation was designed to be eco-compatible should the lubricant drip off the plates.


Because of their outdoor placement, railway switches and their lubricants endure all weather conditions. Offering good corrosion and wear protection, Klüberbio ALO 32-4000 is resistant to rain washout. It offers trouble-free operation due to low friction resistance over a wide temperature range. And its UV resistance prevents rapid lubricant gumming after extended sun exposure.


Given these qualities of endurance and sustainability, Klüberbio ALO 32-4000 extends relubrication intervals, which reduces lubricant consumption, manpower, and, ultimately, operating cost.