Lithium-Ion 598/599 Grease Guns

Aug. 17, 2023
Alemite's li-ion grease guns support manual lubrication tasks with an LCD screen providing real-time information including a pre-warning light.

20V Lithium-ion Series 598/599 grease guns are designed to support all manual lubrication tasks in industrial settings. The grease gun provides high-end performance and exceptional reliability in a convenient design.


The Alemite Series 598/599 tool features a balanced, ergonomic design with a lower weight for less physical strain on the user. The 598 tool comes with a 2.5mAh battery, while the 599 tool comes with a 4.0mAh battery, Its two-speed, dual-output capability lets the user adjust for low- or high-volume lubrication points, all with one grease gun. It delivers 6 oz/min on high and 4 oz/min on low. A clear-tube option provides confidence the right grease is in use.


The tool has a built-in LCD screen providing real-time information for users, including a pre-warning light for early action. The LCD display illuminates during stall conditions with a red backlight. The display shows exactly how much grease is left in the tube and flashes when a low grease condition occurs.

  • Maximum peak pressure 10,000 psi (690 bar) 
  • Maximum operating pressure 6,000 psi (413 bar)
  • 48" hose
  • 4-point stand-up design
  • LCD display with LED working light
  • Bulk filler fitting and vent valve