Bio-Extreme High-Temp Oven Lubricants

May 18, 2023
Renewable Lubricants' high-temp oven lubricant is a unique biobased food-grade lubricant fortified with synthetic, food-grade white graphite.


Bio-Extreme High-Temperature Oven Lubricants perform at extremely high temperatures up to and over 1,000°C, with protection up to 2,000°C.  These biobased lubricants are enhanced with white graphite, a highly effective solid particle lubricant. 


They are formulated from renewable carbon-negative resources allowing facilities to meet sustainability initiatives. Ideal for industrial applications like tenter frames in textile plants, kiln car wheel bearings in refractory plants, paint lines, drying ovens, sealed-for-life units, automatic lubrication systems, lithographic chains, and more. 


Bio Extreme High-Temperature lubricants are NSF H1 certified. In addition to industrial applications, this product is ideal for roller chains on oven conveyors, bakery oven chains, beverage can lines, and other food processing applications.


Made from white graphite and biobased biodegradable base oils, their white semi-solid film is soft and easy to keep clean with food-grade cleaners and wire brushes. It reduces wear, rust, oxidation, and corrosion to extend the equipment's life and reduce maintenance costs. Bio-Extreme High-Temperature Oven Lubricants clean and lubricate chains already soiled by inferior lubricants, and they help to eliminate the accumulation of hard carbon solids which create maintenance clean-up problems and lead to downtime.