Wireless Pallet Wrapper

Nov. 6, 2018

TAB Wrapper Tornado features the company's wireless automation package (optional) that combines its automated cut and wrap and wireless remote control systems to enable a single forklift driver to operate the wrapping machine at the press of a button without leaving his/her seat. To operate, the forklift driver raises a pallet load, sets it within the wrapping ring and presses the start button. The patent-pending TAB Wrapper Tornado automatically wraps multiple layers of plastic film 360-deg. around and under the pallet and its load to create a single, secure, unitized load able to withstand over the road delivery. Load shifting and tearing are virtually eliminated for improved product protection and reduced reject rates.


The fully accessorized 80-in. TAB Wrapper Tornado also includes the company's air recycling assembly (optional), which automatically directs hydraulic exhaust air towards the cutting blade to blow away any excess plastic film, and built-in front bumper guards, which help protect lift truck drivers from contact with the wrapping machine. The 80-in. model is available for sale at the booth and may be shipped from the show fully assembled in one piece ready to plug in and operate.