Dewatering Centrifuge

Nov. 10, 2018

CS6-4 dewatering centrifuge bridges the gap between benchtop studies and full-scale installations. The CS6-4 continuously treats flows from 4 to 10 gpm, making this centrifuge a better alternative to a conventional laboratory centrifuge, which processes samples in batches. The CS6-4 provides scalable solid-liquid separation data to move R&D projects forward.


Additionally, Centrisys will discuss their latest exclusive distributorship for the Passavant hydrograv adapt System in North America (U.S. patent pending). Unlike traditional inlet structures for secondary clarifiers, with the hydrograv adapt System, mixed liquor is introduced near the bottom of the clarifier, below the sludge blanket. The inlet elevation and opening height adjusts to flow conditions so it is always operating in ideal hydraulic conditions.