High-Performance Carbide Metal Machines

Sept. 20, 2018
KASTO has re-engineered their line of bandsaws to focus on the optimum use of carbide metal saw blades.

The KASTOtec line of bandsaws has been re-engineered to focus on the optimum use of carbide metal saw blades. Further innovations relate to the saw feed, the main drive, and a system for automatically adjusting the feed speed.


Shorter cutting times and higher saw blade service lives are possible thanks to a steel mineral casting compound. This continues to guarantee a high degree of damping and quiet running, even with difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, Hastelloy and Inconel. In addition, standard pre-tensioned linear guides, each with two grease-lubricated guide carriages, extend the working life.


An addition to the line is the steplessly adjustable electromechanical saw feed with two servo motors and ball screw spindles, which provides an ideal basis for efficient and sensitive working with reduced tool wear. The saw feed control with its minimal use of sensors enables the cutting parameters to be continuously adjusted, not only at the beginning and end of the cut, but also throughout the sawing process. The user therefore benefits from maximum performance and low tool wear. The tool service life also benefits from the new double saw blade cleaning facility. A mechanical system automatically adjusts the brushes over their entire life, thus ensuring that they are always optimally positioned relative to the saw blade. This all contributes to a further increase in sawing performance.


As well as the technical improvements, the user also has control of the tool costs and cutting times. All parameters can be optimally adjusted to suit the type of saw blade used by means of the intuitive controller. Depending on the saw blade, this reduces cutting times by up to 50%.


The frequency-controlled bevel spur gear saw drive with a power of 15 kW and a steplessly adjustable cutting speed of 30 to 300 m/m is also new.


The latest generation includes KASTOrespond, a feature that was originally developed for KASTOwin. The system ensures that the machine is ideally set up for sawing solid material, tubes, and profiles and is available for all sizes. Without additional and often error-prone sensors, the system continuously measures the forces on the tool and converts them intelligently into the optimum digital feed speed.


KASTOrespond detects continuously changing engagement lengths with round material and hard spots in solid material in good time and adjusts the feed accordingly. The user only specifies the relevant data such as cut lengths and number of pieces along with the material to be sawn. Everything else is undertaken by KASTOtec.

Cutting range
530 x 630 mm / 530 x 530 mm / 530 mm
Cutting range bundle H x W
530 x 630 mm
Clamping range
0 - 630 mm
Smallest dimension to be cut
10 x 10 mm
Shortest length of residual piece, single cut
10 mm
Shortest remnant length in automatic operation, possible
(only if the material has a perfect geometric surface)
35 mm
Shortest cut-off length
6 mm



  • Sawband guide via hydraulically pretensioned carbide slideways
  • Electronic monitoring of the hydraulic blade tension
  • Infinitely variable cutting speed, to be adjusted at central control panel
  • Fully automatic, rapid height adjustment of the saw unit via light barrier
  • Hydraulic horizontal vices, clearance stroke is standard