Benchtop CMM Provides Flexibility

Aug. 28, 2018
Hexagon's CMM is capable of measuring with a complete range of tactile and non-contact sensors.

The Optiv Performance 322 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a customizable benchtop CMM with a small footprint and convenient upgradability which caters to a variety of applications.


Weighing under 400 lb., the fixed bridge and moving table-type machine is light enough to be placed directly on existing workbenches and relocated without recalibration by a Hexagon engineer. In addition to saving floorspace, the machine allows for increased accuracy and repeatability at high speed (300 mm/s) and high acceleration due to the stiffness of its granite construction. The CMM features advanced temperature compensation technology that calculates a correction value for measurement deviations to ensure users get consistently stable results. The Optiv Performance 322 is ideal for the inspection of sheet metal stampings, injection-molded plastic parts, profile scanning, and more applications. 

Equipped with PC-DMIS software, the benchtop CMM is designed for flexibility and can measure a range of different parts with minimal turnaround times. The CMM is available in an entry-level vision-only configuration. However, the future-ready machine’s 3D accuracy specification and pre-cabling enables easy in-field upgrades to a complete 3D multisensor solution supporting a range of contact and non-contact sensors, reducing customer requirements for multiple products in the inspection area. The system is built on a modular concept, so the sensors, controllers, PC and measuring software can easily be customized and scaled to changing requirements.

  • High throughput
  • Supports series production measurements on large numbers of workpieces
  • Optimum access from all sides for automation integration
  • Variety of sensors permits exact tailoring to the measuring task
  • Variable illumination, with a multi-segment LED ring light (lateral top light) for high contrast illumination of complex surfaces and edges
  • Powerful image processing with video filters for image optimisation in difficult optical conditions
  • PC-DMIS measuring software: Ease of operation thanks to automatic PC-DMIS routines, for example for part alignment or sensor calibration
  • Options: Mechanical bearing CNC rotary table, vibration damping system, air-conditioned machine enclosure


Optiv Performance 322  

  • Benchtop model with torsion-resistant granite construction, a fixed bridge and a moving measuring table 
  • 300 x 200 x 200 mm XYZ measuring range 
  • Vision sensor with monochrome or colour camera 
  • Motorised CNC zoom (6x or 10x available) or Optiv Dual Camera optics 
  • Top, back, and ring light LED system 
  • Upgradable to full multisensor machine, with touch-trigger probe HP-TM,  
    scanning probe HP-S-X1C and chromatic white light sensor (CWS) capabilities 
  • Optional rotary indexing table 
  • PC-DMIS measuring software