Measure and Record Drying Time

June 26, 2018
Paul N. Gardner's drying time recorder allows you to check intermediate and final results.

The TQC Drying Time Recorder measures and records the Drying Time of Surface Coatings. It is a fully digitally controlled machine that conforms to the BK (Beck Koller) method and meets ASTM D5895, ISO 9117-4 and DIN EN 14022.


Defining the result or checking intermediate stages is very easy by means of the clear digital display and the intuitive controller. The compact machine has six tracks, and comes with two robust and reusable glass beds of 100 X 350 X 3 mm. Optional are six narrow glass beds in special adapters. The front panel of the TQC Drying Time Recorder is made from hardened glass, which is easy to clean and protects the display underneath it. The TQC Drying Time Recorder is powered by a safe 24V DC power supply.