Analyzer Monitors Laser Performance

March 1, 2018
Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd.'s analyzer images focal spots down to 25?m in size.

Ophir Focal Spot Analyzer, a laser beam monitoring system that measures the focus spot and power of high power lasers in real time, measures focal spot size down to 35µm and laser power from <1 to 400W for wavelengths from 266 – 1100nm.


Designed for laser applications with shorter working distances, the system monitors power density distribution of the focal spot and shifts in the focal plane location, and provides a well understood location of the laser caustic. It is so accurate that the distance to the camera array is NIST traceable. This is critical for applications that require a focused spot of light with a well-defined, narrow, and reproducible bandwidth and intensity profile, including medical device manufacturing and microwelding.


The Focal Spot Analyzer includes a high-resolution camera – the SP928 CCD Beam Profiling Camera or the LT665 Large Array Beam Profiling Camera – an LBS-300s beam attenuator system with two beam splitters for polarization-neutral attenuation, BeamGage beam profiling software, and a calibration certificate. The LBS-300s beam attenuator allows users to control and adjust laser beam output power reaching the camera. Approximately 99% of the beam is transmitted through each beam sampler with 0.01% passed on to the camera. The beam sampler provides an image that is polarization insensitive, which maintains the polarization components of the original beam.


  • Image focal spots down to 25?m in size
  • For laser powers up to 400W (additional external ND filters required)
  • Can measure systems with focal length as short as 73 mm (exact path length distance within the assembly will be NIST calibrated and includes a calibration certificate +/-50?m)
  • Produces undistorted sample of laser under test
  • Adjustable attenuation maximizes system dynamic range
  • Up to 1 x 10-10 attenuation available (without external filters)
  • Analyzer includes camera, attenuation, BeamGage software and calibration certificate