Flexible, High-Level Palletizer

March 10, 2021
Columbia Machine's latest high-level palletizer handles speeds up to 120 cases per minute and can palletize virtually any package type.

The compact and flexible HL2200 high-level palletizer includes a VFD-controlled hoist, bi-parting layer apron, centering side layer guides with Smart Squeeze, and much more. The HL2200 is capable of palletizing virtually any package type including unwrapped trays, film-only bundles, plastic totes, RPCs, and many others too.


Options include Smart Diagnostics with video playback to assist maintenance personnel in identifying the cause of a machine stoppage; a servo-actuated, touchless, turning infeed for gentle package handling; display-ready case orienting or 4-way “labels out” layer forming.


The standard package includes Category 3, Performance Level D safety components and incorporates fully integrated guarding, full height light curtains, automatic four-point hoist pins, case-infeed tunnel, and interlocked load building area access doors. This safety package keeps employees safe while still being operationally “friendly” and meeting production demands by providing convenient and safe access when needed.

  • Category 3 safety electrical system
  • Comprehensive guard package
  • Interlocked access doors to load build area
  • Full height light curtains at discharge
  • Automatic hoist protection pins
  • Product manager for pattern creation and tuning
  • Heavy-duty sensor mounts
  • 4-sided pallet stack retention
  • Stack light/beacon
  • Smart Squeeze Technology for misformed layer detection
  • Fallen case detection
  • Low pallet detection
  • Low sheet detection
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 80 pitch hoist chain
  • Infeed tunnel guard
  • UL approved or CSA certified control panel
  • Ethernet-enabled PLC with distributed I/O