R220.88 Face Milling Cutters

Aug. 17, 2017
Seco releases a milling family that provides excellent tool life.

The R220.88 face milling cutter family features inserts with eight cutting edges and optimized geometries that provide excellent tool life and reduced cutting forces. The cutter body’s 88-deg. lead angle allows for large depths of cut with smaller insert sizes, as compared to 45-deg. lead angle face mills. Its design also allows the new cutter to machine closer to workpiece side walls as well as intricate part clamping work holding systems when necessary.


Designed for roughing and semi-finishing applications, it is ideal for machining cast iron and steels in the general machining and automotive segments. The cutter body is made of Idun material, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel that offers longevity and durability along with being environmentally friendly due to the elimination of the nickel coating process.


The cutter body is available in diameters ranging from 2 to 6 in. (50 to 160 mm) with the size 12 insert and 3 to 6 in. (63 to 160 mm) with the size 16 insert. Each diameter is offered with a standard pitch variant and a close-pitch variant to provide the best match to an application’s specific needs.


The size 12 R220.88 achieves a maximum depth of cut of 0.35 in. (9 mm), while size 16 reaches 0.51 in. (13 mm) maximum depth of cut. Right-hand versions of the cutter body are standard with left-hand versions available on special order, allowing integration into systems with dual spindles performing simultaneous milling operations.

Insert Size 12:

  • Cutter range 2 to 6 in. (50 to 160 mm)
  • Max depth of cut: 0.354 in. (9 mm)
  • Recommended depth of cut: 0.236 in. (6 mm)
  • 8 cutting edges, double-sided inserts

Insert Size 16:

  • Cutter range: 2 to 5 in. (63 to 160 mm)
  • Max depth of cut: 0.511 in. (13 mm)
  • Recommended depth of cut: 0.315 in. (8 mm )
  • 8 cutting edges, double-sided inserts